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The Victory Home design includes a 20'x24' (480sf) open floor plan with a gable roof, vaulted ceiling, a loft, full bathroom, small kitchen, and an 8' x 20' deck or screened porch. Foundation types include piers, slab on grade, crawlspace, and full basement. Why the Victory Home?

The Victory Home includes many components of a typical house. However, the plans and layout are adaptable for many other purposes, including a tiny home, a workshop or studio, a vacation cabin, a guest house, an AirBNB or rental, or an office and meeting room. Additionally, the beauty of the Victory Home design is that it is easily modified to suit various needs, from interior layout changes, roof design, expanding, or adding on.

Follow us on and learn to how to DESIGN & BUILD a house as we complete the Victory Home project!


Our videos will document and show the complete building process, including materials take-offs, site preparations, and construction from beginning to end. Sarah and I will build this without subcontractors, using standard tools, materials, and building methods. You may also see friends and family join in for fun!


Part of our process will include helping you learn how you can do the design and build modifications yourself. We will work with you to understand the essentials, including design, plan reading, material take-offs, scheduling work, materials selection, and every phase of construction.


Features of this design that to be included in our videos series are:

  • Advanced framing design

  • Weatherizing and energy efficiency

  • Fire resistance material options

  • Four foundation types (piers, slab on grade, crawlspace, full basement)

  • Options for ADA accessibility

  • Milling wood for beams and other finishes

  • Water supply system using a refillable cistern

  • Options for rainwater catchment and filtration

  • Greywater septic system and composting toilet

  • New electrical service connections

  • Ductless mini-split HVAC system

  • Preparations for off-grid power with solar power and battery backup

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Join our community as a supporter and learn to design & build with us as we complete the Victory Home!
Video series to launch September 2022.



  • Project build videos

  • Delayed release

  • Ads and sponsors

  • Purchase basic building plans*




  • Project build videos

  • No ads or sponsors

  • Live Sessions Q&A

  • Additional how-to videos




  • 2 months free

  • Project build videos

  • No ads or sponsors

  • Live sessions Q&A

  • Additional how-to videos

  • Design tutorials by Zoom

  • Plans discount: 25%

  • BONUS: Participate in polls for future projects




  • Project build videos

  • No ads or sponsors

  • Live sessions Q&A

  • Additional how-to videos

  • Design tutorials by Zoom

  • Direct message Sarah & Jacob




  • 2 months free

  • Project build videos

  • No ads or sponsors

  • Live sessions Q&A

  • Additional how-to videos

  • Design tutorials by Zoom

  • Direct message Sarah & Jacob

  • Plans discount: 100%

  • Materials take-off

  • Supplemental research

  • Updates and revisions

  • Design revision request

  • BONUS: Participate in polls for future projects

*Basic building plans will include floor plans, framing plans, elevations, sectional views, and typical building details required for building. No other benefits of joining Locals as a supporter will be included in this purchase.

If you would like customization or additional details unique for you project, please contact us below to get a quote.

*You will get the editable .SKP file that we used for this design. We chose SketchUp for this project because it is a low-cost (basic version if free) versatile design tool that can do everything needed to design and build a home. It is easy to learn and easy to customize and modify designs. Creating your own building model in SketchUp will have no license restrictions.

You will have no license restrictions by creating your own building model in SU.

**Single Use Building License: When you buy a house plan, you must agree to the terms & conditions of the license agreement, which include the use of these plans to build one structure. See an example of the license agreement.

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Project build videos

Videos will include a step-by-step series of the building process. Our first series will be on the Victory Home project, and we expect it to last approximately six months. Our annual subscribers (standard and premium) will be able to participate in a poll to select the next project.


No ads or sponsors

All videos will not contain any platform advertisements or sponsored videos. We will talk about specific products that we use, but there will not be any placed in our videos to sell or otherwise market those products.


Live sessions Q&A

Sarah & Jacob will host a live session about twice a month. We will talk about the design details, discuss the research behind the building plan details, and discuss variations and options.


Additional how-to videos

We will post how-to shorts that may include quick lessons on building skills, plans modifications, or tips and tricks relevant to the project.


Design tutorials by Zoom

We will host monthly SketchUp design tutorials to show how to alter the design plans to suit your needs. This will include lessons on modifying plans or creating plans for your own projects, but the basic use of SketchUp will not be taught. 


Direct message Sarah & Jacob

Premium supporters will have the Locals function of sending Sarah & Jacob direct messages using the Locals platform on a desktop browser (this currently does not work in the phone app). We will always try to respond to messages within 24 hours, but please keep communications project related.


Plans discount

Plans can be purchased at our website. Becoming an annual supporter will qualify for a discount on buying these plans. Once you become a yearly contact, we can arrange your purchase for the discounted plans. Do not purchase the plans first because we will not be giving any refunds or reimbursements afterward.


Materials take-off

All of our materials take-offs will be shared and updated as we progress, including substitutions, or make changes. This will be in the form of a spreadsheet and distributed through a shared cloud drive.


Supplemental research

We spend lots of time looking into the building science of this building. That research continues and includes articles, code references, and a book list. This information will be shared and added to as the project evolves.


Updates and revisions

There are many ways to build this house, and we will explore those options and include designs for these variations. For instance, adding eaves, installing foam insulation on the top of the roof, changing the style, etc.


Design revision request

We will take requests for design modifications and work on some of these for release to premium annual supporters. These will also be design variations that we will include in our Zoom design tutorials. We will release the SketchUp file for these changes and have a PDF showing the design details that may supplement your building plans. Examples of changes that can be made are windows and doors, interior walls, decks and porch, roof pitch and design, and kitchen and bathroom layout.


Polls for future projects

We expect the Victory Home project to last about six months, but we will continue to build. We have many options for what we may do in the future as the list of things we want at our homestead is long (Cold room, root cellar, lumber shed/pole barn, solar kiln, greenhouse). We also have some professional design/build projects that we may document this way. Annual supporters can help choose what projects will film and document on Locals.

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