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Interior & Architectural Design

Interior and architectural design has been one of the core proficiencies of both our managing members for the past 14 years. Innovation blended with creativity, and our continuous efforts to make our designs compatible with the latest technologies offer comprehensive services no matter the size or scale of your project. Design-Build-Live offers a variety of architectural interior design services right Our design services range from conceptual stage through the entire life cycle of the project. Our offerings include but not limited to the following:

Architectural Design and Drafting Service

We offer complete CAD drafting and design services that include conversion of raw blueprints to 2D drafting, 3D modeling, landscape designing and drafting and high-resolution interior design rendering.

Conceptual Development

We help individuals in designing their homes as well as offer to assist busy architects or builders outsourcing some of their drafting tasks. We assist in visualizing and putting on paper your core ideas to provide the conceptual design, detail design, or master plan.

Architectural Drawings

The complete package of architecture and design services – Site plans, Floor plans, Reflective ceiling plans, Interior elevation, Exterior elevation, Landscape plans, and Millwork drawings.

Interior Design

Do you already have plans but need to take the project through the finish line? We are also here to assist with design ideas complementing your interior and exterior elevations. Keeping your unique aesthetics in mind, we provide design recommendations from furniture to paneling to custom decorative elements for your home.

Permit Processing

Design-Build-Live will prepare necessary drawings and specifications needed to obtain local building permits required for the construction of the project. DBL will expedite the process to get projects permitted in a timely and organized fashion.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

Design-Build-Live specializes in designing creative kitchens and bathrooms that match our client’s aspirations, lifestyles, and personalities. Kitchen and bath design are two of the most visible and important projects in a home and there are many elements to consider in both rooms such as space planning, style, and materials. Our services include: 

  • Kitchen and bathroom design concept and development

  • Flooring, cabinetry, appliances, fixtures, hardware, and accessories selections.

  • Space planning – needs assessment, field measurements, and verification, block planning, detailed space planning, furniture layout

  • AutoCAD – digital presentations, scope documents, millwork elevations and detailing, 3D modeling and renderings, and scaled floor plans

  • Construction Management – Architectural and design project management, construction implementation, trade coordination

  • Furniture and Finish selections

  • Complete kitchen and bathrooms remodeling or new cabinet installtions.


More than any area of your home, the kitchen deserves a considerable more attention when it comes to design and layout. We handle this with care and are respectful of the fact that it is your kitchen, so we collaborate with you on kitchen floor plan drafts and the consideration of layout rearrangements that may include the movement of appliances and plumbing to maximize the use of your space. We have the creativity to make your kitchen an efficient, enjoyable place to work and entertain.



Whether it is a new bathroom, a small upgrade or a complete bathroom remodel, it can change the character and functionality of your home. Bathrooms are where we go to get refreshed! Our bathroom designers conceptualize and create beautiful, well-functioning spaces with ease of movement, tailored to you.


From fresh and modern to luxurious and stylish, our design team can design the bath of your dreams with relaxing tubs, glamorous vanities, and stunning, spa-like showers, spaces that will suit any style. We consider every detail including lighting, wall treatments, ceilings, flooring, cabinetry, and hardware.

Cabinetry Sales & Install 

As a full-service residential interior designer, Design-Build-Live can assist with every aspect of a project from design to final installation and completion of the project. Our integrated Kitchen and Bath division makes the process of remodeling your Kitchen or Bath a seamless process. We will assist with the selection of fixtures, hardware, accessories, and furnishings, define a budget, and prepare construction documents. Design-Build-Live has relationships with trusted local contractors, working hard to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. We are committed to providing every client with outstanding service and attention to the smallest detail. We save our clients time and money, providing seamless in-house kitchen and bath design and procurement.

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Owner-Built Home Consulting

Interior & Architectural Design
Kitchen & Bath Design
Cabinetry Sales & Install
Owner-Built Home Consulting

For Owner-Builders that want to be in control of the entire process before and during construction we offer the consulting assistance you need. You control the entire project allowing you to have full disclosure of everything that you wouldn't have with a homebuilder.


You will act as your own Builder / Construction Manager with total control, management flexibility and our support to fit your needs for the project. You, as your own builder can choose the subcontractors, vendors and suppliers that are referred by us, that were found by you, referred to you by others, or you can even do some of the work on your home yourself. We essentially assist in filling in where you need the most help, providing our years of experience and expertise. See more about how we may help with our Estimating & Material Takeoffs service.


You will not only have pride of ownership of a new home,  your family's home,  but will also have the satisfaction of having built your family's own custom home which will be a valued possession and investment for years to come.

We offer cabinets from The Corsi Group with a factory located in Elkins, WV. Learn more about our cabinet lines.

Modular Home Design 

Benefits of Modular

Modular homes are residences built in a controlled factory environment in sections, or modules, and then transported to the construction site. They are then installed on permanent foundation and by professional installers. Modular homes can reduce construction time by 30- 40 percent, getting you into your new home faster so you can enjoy it longer. Traditionally homes can take many months to complete, but modular homes are assembled on site and usually finished within a few weeks from the time they are set. Prefabricated homes offer many advantages because most modular construction can be completed in less time than site-built construction, for example, the cost of interim construction financing is significantly reduced or eliminated. Learn more about Modular Construction Advantages from Professional Building Systems.

Modular Home Design
Home & Site Modeling

Home & Site Modeling

Along with the architectural design services Design-Build-Live offers site planning and home modeling. Rarely are building sites ready for setting a mobile home, so we analyze each site to evaluate grading, terrain, site access, and other relevant features. We model your home and your site, both in 3D, to determine the best placement and orientation of your home.


We will also work with you through the actual development and preparations of the site including marking the boundaries of the property and home layout, clearing, and leveling the land as needed, site access including driveways, and adequate clearing for work equipment. We will also work into our models as needed utility placement, easements, hardscaping, or other relevant features.

This service is offered with our architectural design, or for plans that you may already have. By using your building plans, we can model the home to scale for placement in the site model and terrain.

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